Have you ever purchased an article of clothing and then never wore it? That can get expensive. Or maybe you wore something you purchased, and never felt it was right. That can be aggravating! There is a better way. Don’t spend another dime on clothes, or hair-color, unless it’s a great color for you!

Now you can make the most of your appearance by choosing colors that make you look healthy, vibrant, successful! Yes, you can simplify shopping and putting outfits together while you save time and money in the process! Look your best in the clothes you wear and in your surroundings.

You’ve just made an investment in yourself that will last a lifetime. The Colors Made Easy System ™has everything you’ll need to color analyze yourself, your friends, your family, and if you’re in business – your clients.

Janet Spangler
Image Consultant Stylist & Trainer
Certified Personal Coach (CPC)
Creator, COLORSmadeEasy System